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Complete Adobe Premiere Pro CC Course – Beginner to Advanced

 Complete Adobe Premiere Pro CC Course – Beginner to Advanced

Learn How To Edit Videos Using Adobe Premiere Pro CC with easy to use step-by-step tutorials – all from scratch today!

What you’ll learn

Fully understand how to use Adobe Premiere Pro CC to edit videos quickly and easily.

Create your own videos in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Learn all the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Use effects and edit to the beat.

Create graphics, titles, transitions and animations.

Use color correction and grading in your videos like a pro.

Make audio adjustments and improve your audio for better videos.

Use advanced effects like the pros.

Master all kinds of transitions, video, Audio, titles, overlays and more

Export your videos in the right format.

Edit a Promo video, YouTube video and micro content from scratch.

And so much more!


We recommend students have Adobe Premiere Pro CC installed on your computer. Students should have Adobe Premiere Pro installed on their computers to follow along. There are A LOT OF PRACTICE LESSONS in our complete course with downloadable resources to follow along with us

This Course Used the most up to date Adobe Premiere Pro CC (creative cloud) versions. But you can still learn using CS6, CS5, CS4, or even CS3!

You DO NOT need any experience with Adobe Premiere Pro CC. We teach you From Scratch

You DO NOT need any prior experience with video editing. You can start as a complete beginner

Who this course is for:

This course is great for video creators who want to learn how to edit videos with THE BEST video editing application Adobe Premiere Pro

This course is great for anyone transitioning from Final Cut, iMovie, Sony Vegas, Premiere Elements, Windows Movie Maker, Camtasia, and Screenflow who now want to start learning Adobe Premiere Pro CC

This course is best for beginner Adobe Premier Pro students.

Anyone wanting to learn Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Anyone wanting to learn video editing.

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