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What is net worth and how to calculate it

Ok so if you had read a biography or news about business mans, billionaire's and many leaders. Then I can definitely say that you had listened the word "Net worth".

And then you may be searching on google that what is net worth and how to calculate it?
So don't worry I am going to give a simple formula using it you can calculate it.
Ok so let's move towards our subject.

Meaning of Net worth

Ok so in simple words your net worth is the difference between your assets and liabilities. So the formula of calculating it is that "assets-liabliaties=net w©rth"
So in the simple language you just have to calculate your assets and liabilities then you have to subtract liabilities from and boom your answer is ready. 
So if you don't know what are assets and liabilities then don't worry I Will explain it further. 

In details:-
Net worth is nothing but it is your total value of existence. That means your richness is only depends on your netw®th.
To calculate it you have to first calculate your liability and then asset. 
So now let's move to calculate your assets... 

Calculating your assets and liabilities

Ok so now we will calculate your assets. So for that you have to take pen and paper and then you have to note your assets. 
To do

Okay as you can see in image that to calculate your assets you first have to calculate value of your property like real estate, gold, your investments, businesses and many other things...
Then add them and it's your assets.

Now it's time to calculate your liabilities
For that you have to add the value of your all the loans and monthly expenditures and then subtract your liabilities from your assets and it will be your net worth.

Rich dad poor dad summery

How to increase Net Worth

As we have seen what is net worth. That means you just have to increase value of your assets. Then automatically your net worth will be increase. 
To increase net worth you can reduce your liabilities also. 

Conclusion about it:-
1. It is nothing but your network. 
2. Start investing and increase your net wo®th.

Hope you have understood the process of calculating net worth you can now calculate it and comment me your net wo®th value. 
If you like it then share this with your friends as they can also calculate their. 

Use this sheet to calculate:-