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How to start podcasting free and make money online

So you have decided to start your own podcast. To make money online.
But do you know that it requires a secret technique to run it successfully. Without this technique I am sure that you are going to fail before publishing your first 10 posts.
Ok so don't worry because in this blog post I am going to share this technique. As well as all the information you need to start this business. And then I am going to tell you how can you generate income from it.

In short after reading this post you will be able to
1. start podcast business for free and make money online easily in 4 steps.
2. You will also know why should you start podcast today?
3. Which niche will be profitable for you?
4. 4 different ways to earn money?
5. Upload on many platforms
6. Embed in blog post.

So let's start your journey together towards successful podcasting business.

Start your podcast business for free

First of all we will assume that you have your own smartphone ok so you don't require any thing than this. 
If you have money to invest then you can invest your money in this business. by buying best recording mic and build soundproof studio
Step 1:-
Ok so first thing you need to is pick your headphones if you have or download any audio recording app. 
Step 2:-
Then record your podcast and edit it. 
Step 3:- 
Download app from your app store. 
Upload your podcast. 

That's it done.... 
You have now uploaded your first podcast.

Now it's time to make money From that podcast so let's see how can you make money from that podcasts.

Way 1
Okay so you can contact to many companies for sponsorships and you can sponsor their products. Then you will get paid.

Way 2
You can do affiliate marketing by just putting link below your podcast. And earn money.
Eg :- You can do affiliate marketing of your mic and equipments and as well as your niche products.

Way 3
You can contact for drop shipping to many companies like aliexpress and build your online store at shopify and start sponsoring it.

How to start dropshipping and make money online

Way [best way]
Your own products:-
I think it's best way to earn money on podcasts by selling your own digital products or any products.

Ok there are many ways to earn money by podcasting but this are the main ways. So you can use this ways to earn money online.

Should I start podcast business?

Pod cast is not new business start it

Ok the exact answer is "YES"
In explanation to this I will say that you should start podcasting today. Because it's new thing but now new category. It has changed only form. 
If you start podcasting today means you are going to own your own radio channel. 
Major reasons to start this is that you don't need to show your face like YouTube and other platforms. 
So start podcasting today. 

How to choose podcasting niche

Ok so for that we will do four steps. 
Get your pen and paper

Step 1:-
Find what you like to do.And write it down

Step 2:-
Now find topic what about you like to talk and you love. 

Step 3:-
Combined this two categories and find same topics which comes in both categories. 

Step 4 :-
Find related affiliates, dropshipping products and sponsorships and start your work. 

So this are four steps to find your niche. 

Platforms to distribute and make your podcasts viral. 

Believe it or not but you can distribute your podcasts to every platforms by just adding some animations. Either it YouTube or Instagram or Facebook you can upload on it. 

Also try to embed your podcasts in your blog post so it will increase your engagement of costumers.