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Rich dad poor dad book by Robert Kiyosaki free download in your mind

Hay stop, stop, stop! I had written this title to grab your attention this is the one of the thing I had learned from robert Kiyosaki's book rich dad poor dad book.
And I am going to share with you how to attract money as like this title attracted yours. And many other things I had learned from this book. So stick up to end because this post is going to change your financial life.
So as one day I was working in my office and suddenly I had seen some thing new on my table.

Rich dad poor dad book robert Kiyosaki
How to become rich blueprint

Ya right it was rdbert's book called rich dad poor dad I opened it and started reading. I saw the reason in his story why I was still broke? and why I am not rich? So after knowing the reason I started reading it and now I am a millionaire.
Sorry but don't expect from me that I will tell you how you can become overnight millionaire? Because thing like overnight millionaire doesn't exist in this world.
It requires some hard work and some knowledge. So I am going to give that knowledge but you have to do hard work to become a rich man.
So now let's move to Robert's story and the things I had learned from his book.

First thing I want to explain with you is that

What rich teaches about money to their kids that poor don't? 

So you may heard the following famous quotes by your family members or in the movies that "rich are getting rich and poor are getting poor
Yes that's true but not because of money it's because of their thoughts and their view towards money. 

What rich teaches to their kids that poor don't
Lessons by rich people

So to explain this we have to go in the past of robert when he was a child. He has two fathers don't see it in the wrong way. He actually has one father who is teacher and the another father he is assuming his friends father as his father in this story. 
So in this character the roberts father is poor dad and his friends father is rich dad. Poor dad is educated and rich dad is just high school failed. But at the end his poor dad stay broke and his rich dad becomes Hawaii's richest person. 
Why this happened? This happened because of their child hood learning and their view towards money. 
So now let's look at their views at money. 

Rich vs poor people view towards money

1. First thing they taught themselves and their kids is
Poor people:-
  • Money is the root of all the evils. 
Rich people:-
  • Not having money is the root of all evils. 
So the main point you can understand from this is rich people tells their kids to love money and on the other hand poor people taught their children that hate money. And later on in the future this thing concert into their mindset to view money. 
That's why kids of rich people become rich and poor people become poor or stay broke. 

Now let's talk about next thing I had learned from this book.
Poor people:-

  • Works for money. 
Rich people:-
  • Don't work for money. Their money works for them. 
It's true that poor people work's for money and that's why they do 9 to 5 job. Rich people don't works for money because they create assets from their money and that's why their money works for them. 

And the third important thing I had learned from this is. 
Poor say's:-
  • I can't afford it.... 
Rich say's:-
  • I will find the way of income to afford it. 
And this is the main reasons why rich own fancy cars and big houses and whatever they want. And on the another side poor people kill their dreams and stay broke. 

I think robert Kiyosaki was able to tell this because he was able to compare his rich dad as well as poor dad. 

Now after explaining this he also explain the concept of assets and liabilities which I think is the most important part. 

rich dad poor dad assets vs liabilities

So I will explain in short that what he reached me about assets vs liabilities. 
  • First difference comes between assets and liabilities is assets puts money in your pocket and liabilities takes money from your pocket. 
  • Poor people makes liabilities and rich people makes assets. So they become different from each other. 
  • Your home is not asset it's liability. 
  • If you don't have money then invest in yourself so you grow more. 
  • Your brain is the biggest asset. 
  • Example of asset are stocks, bonds, real estate etc. And the things which are liabilities are fancy cars, bikes, expensive mobile phones. Because car takes money from your pocket for car loan and insurance. And other things also do same. 
And last thing I had learned from him is

Difference between cash flow of rich vs poor vs middle class. 

So another important thing which determine your net worth is your cashflow in the following image you can see the cashflow of rich vs poor vs middle class people. 
Cashflow of rich poor and middle class people
Cashflow difference
So that means poor people make liabilities and rich people makes assets. 

So this are the some things I had learned from rich dad poor dad and I had now shared to educate you now you can go and buy this audio book... And start making your first asset. 

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If you have any questions then don't hesitate to ask me in comments.
Good luck to you to make your first investment and assets. I hope you will also become financially free soon and escape from this rat race.

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This article is only for educational purpose and I don't support any activity. I only writing this to tell you what are the things I had learned from this book.