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What is employee referral program | how earn money online

Employee referral program is one of the best way to make money online and offline. But unlike other ways it's not that much famous. But I literally tell you that people are making thousands of dollars easily.
So I am going to share all the information about this topic so now let's get dive into it. 

What is employee referral program? 

Employee referral is the program of finding out best employees and referring to the particular company. By providing best employees to company or someone you help to both company and the person who is finding job. 
What is employee referral
How to be job broker
There is the vast need of employee referral's because there is always need for good workers at every company. And now a days everyone needs always a better job so this is also benefit for the the brokers. 

What is your work? 
Your work is to just provide good workers to the company's and provide good jobs to your clients. So you just have to be broker. 

Now let's talk about what need you to do this online business and earn money online? 
Ok so the answer in one sentence according to me is that you require two things one is your smart phone and other is your time. 
This two things are the essential for doing this online business. 
Ok so now I will tell you that 

What are earning sources in this business? 

So as I told you that the this business starts with absolutely zero dollars. But don't think that you will earn less. Because you can earn up to 10k USD per month. Yes, but for that you need to make 5 deals per month but if you want 1k USD month then you have to make one deal in two months. 
To explain how? I am giving you an example. Suppose you are giving job to one person with monthly salary of 1k then he will happily give you his one month payment to you. Second thing is that if you give an great worker to any company who is giving 1k profit to that company then he will also pay you happily. 
How to earn online as employee referral
Two streams of income

That means you are only middle man in this process and you can earn from both workers and company also. 

How you will approach workers and companies? 

Now we will approach company as well as workers by two methods one is offline and another is online method.
So in the offline method you have to go and visit the company's in your area and tell them about you and how can you provide good workers to them and they will easily say yes to you and you can also find the people in the newspaper in your area who wants to hire workers. And to find workers offline you can go and find unemployed people in your area and tell them you can give them job. And another way is that you can tell in news paper. 
Now the it's time to look for online way in this method you have to go on the website's like job searching and find out the people who needs job and as well as find the company's who are hiring people so this is very easy method. Another way is that you can find the people in social media Group who wants jobs. 

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So this is the simple way to earn money online as well as offline. So you can become a job broker and earn money. You can also use your strategies and the main thing about this business is that you don't require money as well as lot of knowledge. You can earn upto 10k USD per month in this business. So good luck for your future journey. 
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