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How to use coupon strategy for your business to boost profit

Do you know your competitors had all ready used this strategy to boost their sales by 20 to 30 percent. If you not yet then read this I will tell you how to use coupon strategy for your business and boost your sales. Ultimately profit will be increase. 
This way is useful for both online and offline businesses. 
So I am now going to tell this complete business strategy from basic to advance

Table of contents:-
1. Benefits of using coupons or cards for your business. 
2. Types of coupons or cards you can use in your startup. 
3. What are the things which you should include in your coupons? 
4. How to use and distribute your coupons to costumers? 

Benefits of using coupons and vouchers in business

There are many benefits of using vouchers in your business. But today I am going to tell you some top 4 benefits of it. 

So pay attention

1. Attract more costumers

So we know as a business man that costumers are hungry for discounts and cash backs so using this method you can make them more hungry for discounts. So in this way this method is useful. 

2. Minimize advertisements cost. 

If you had run advertise for your business. Weather it is for offline or online. Then as you know that the costa of advertising are increasing day by day. Specially in online advertising impression cost you can reduce. By using coupons method you can convert more costumers. 

3. Acquire new costumers

As any one says voucher. Then you can see his happiness in his or her face. So make your new costumers happy and it's also going to be beneficial for you. 

4. Collection of data

Ok as you know the costumers data is the one of the important asset in this digital world. So you can collect your costumers data like his name, email address and phone numbers. 

Which you can use to pitch them your products or services again and again. 

So this are the four important benefits of using coupon strategy in your business. 

So now let's look for the types of coupon or vouchers you can use for your business. 

There are two main types of it you can use in your business. 

First is discount vouchers and second is cash back coupons strategy. 

Now it's time to look for what are the things which you should include in your coupons or vouchers. 

First thing is you should include exact discount and offers. Second is you must include expiry date. So you can create urgency to buy it for costumers. 

Now at last the thing I want to tell you is that how to distribute it. 

Use whatsApp and social media marketing strategy for distributing it. 

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