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Start your own startup in 6 easy steps

Do you know that everyone is thinking to start his own business. But main fact is that 90% of them are not taking their first step.
But i don't want to happen this same with you so i am going to share six easy steps to launch your own startup it will be in the three parts.
So in part one we will discuss first two steps.
So without wasting your valuable time let's start.

Part 1
In the part one I am going to share first 2 steps to launch your own startup. You will get the link of second part at the bottom.

Step 1

Finding best idea for business

To start a successful business you don't need any business just need best idea. Because all the great companies are started with great ideas. 
Now you may be say that hay I don't know how to find right idea? Don't worry I will help you. 
Ok so to find the best idea first of all you must need to imagine and dream. Because it's easy step to do right now. 
Now write down all of your dreams on a paper with the help of pen. It's time to filter that thoughts and choose some best ideas. For that we will use some filters which you can see below. 
1. Ignore the ideas in which you are not passionate. 
Yes you have to ignore all that thoughts and ideas which you have choose to do because of money. Remember that I had felt my two businesses only because I had tried it because of money only. I hadn't passionate about them. So note that you must have to passionate about idea because if you don't have interest then you will not continue it for long time. 

2. Eliminate ideas about which you don't have any knowledge. 
You have to either ignore ideas which about which you don't have knowledge or you have to invest your valuable asset your time to take knowledge of that business. 
So better is that choose the idea about which you have knowledge.

Best idea for business asktalks

Now after ignoring all the ideas you have to select top 3 ideas which are suitable according to you. 
You have to take first step towards your business now by filtering that 3 ideas. What you have to do is collect all the information you know and write it down. You can find extra information from internet. 
After finding all information you have to add 3 more funnels for business. 

1. Ask yourself question that is this service or product market really need it.
2. Is it technically possible. Because you can't implement the idea of living on sun.
3. Write about your competitors.

After doing this you have to analyse that which idea will be most popular. After doing this I can definitely say that you can find your best idea so now it's time to convert this idea into business.

So hope you have understood the concept of finding best idea so implement this things to find best one take your time of 6 to 7 days y
And then read the second chapter of this series.

What we are going to cover in next chapter?
We are going to make a perfect business plan so continue this series hope we will meet in second chapter.

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