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Social media addiction research in 2020 shocking news inside

 Hay do you know that according to the U.S. based company there are 4.5 billion smart phone users on this earth. that means every one person out of two on this earth owns smartphone.
According to the harward out of that 3.8 billion people are active social media users. That's huge number and out of that 0.32 billion(320 million) people are addicted to social media. 
May be probability is that you are also addicted to likes or for story or status views. If you want to know the symptoms of this huge disease and want to know it's remedy then read this research about social media addiction.
Tell me in comment that how much time you spend daily on social media?

social media addiction symptoms

According to the research held in 2020 there are many symptoms seen in the people addicted to social media out of which some common are noted here you can read them and checkout. 
  • Feeling anxious when you are not able to handle social platforms. 
  • You immediately check your phone when you get any new notification
  • Your usage of smartphone is greater than your working time. 
  • When someone likes or see your story status or post you become happy. 
  • If any one dislike or don't like your posts then you feel depressed. 
  • You checkout social media before going on bed and at early morning when you wake up
This were the some common signs of social media addicted person. You can check them and if you find that you are addicted to it then read this to beat it.

social media addiction help

Few days ago I got a mail from a 14-15 years old girl from United States. 
She said 
shubham please help me my dad is addicted to facebook whenever I go and talk to him he opens his Facebook and other social platforms and he dive into it. I am very depressed what should I do? 

In answer to him I told that. 

So, your dad is addicted to fb means they are addicted to facebook likes and addicted to posting on facebook. Same for other social media platforms. 
So the solution is you have to do the following things for one month regularly at least. 
  • Uninstall unnecessary applications from his phone first of all. Like tiktok
  • Turn off Notifications of his phone from all social media platforms like:- fb, whatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. 
  • Tell him to hide some apps
  • Tell him to carry some ebooks in his smartphone so when he get time he can utilize it to improve his skills. 
  • Tell him to check email instead of other platforms. 
  • Unsubscribe all YouTube channels which waste his valuable time and un follow all pages on Instagram which are Unnecessary. 
  • Instead of it he can follow on Instagram or fb or YouTube to get knowledge. 
  • Tell him to talk with family instead of checking social media at early morning and when going to bed. 
These are some tips I had given to her and the magic is now after following these steps for one month her dad is out of social media. 
You can also follow this steps and take one step towards your better life.

social media is a waste of time

Yes social media is a complete waste of time unless you are an influencer or digital marketer.

Read this :- how much money you can earn from Instagram

I had seen that many students are spending their valuable time portion on it. If you are youth or student then you should use social media in limit. 
every one person out of 2 uses social media and out of ten is addicted to it so share this article and save there life

Instead of using it you should spend time to improve your skills and on self learning. For that you should carry some ebooks with you. 

Instead of it you can do blogging it will generate some revenue for you. I am also 20 and I am earning 2k to 3k USD by blogging. 

So if you find this article helpful then use this tips and make your life better. 

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