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10 reasons why Instagram is powerful marketing tool for businesses

Hay, are you an Instagram user, business owner, marketer or content creator then this whole post is important for you because it can change your business ultimately your life also.

What you will learn in this article?

1. Potential of Instagram for business and creators.
2. How can you use Instagram to grow your business.
3. Startup on Instagram.
4. Secret for content creators.
5. Tip for business zero dollars marketing. 

You can learn new million dollars skill in next 5 minutes by reading this or make loss of million dollars by quieting this choice is yours.

So without wasting time let's start

Potential of Instagram for business and content creators

Do you know that Instagram has over 1 billion active users. There are 80 million stories shared daily. Out of them around 80% follow business related accounts. Around 65% posts trending on Instagram are featured products posts. 
So hope you have understood the potential of Instagram for businesses. 
I think now Instagram is the proven powerful marketing tool for businesses and no need to give extra description. Now after understanding potential of Instagram it's time to know how you can use this power to expand your business. 

How can you use Instagram to grow your business

Do you know that according to survey held in U.S. 1.2% accounts on Instagram have followers between 50k to 100k followers means out of 1000 accounts there are 12 accounts have 50k to 100k followers. That means it's easy to gain followers on Instagram. If you have correct strategies. Ok now you know it's easy to gain followers. Now think about your business if you are getting 50k leads and if you convert 0.5% out of them then you will get 250 costumers monthly. And that all are your assets so you don't have to pay anyone.

Watch this video to get followers on Instagram.

Startup on Instagram using WordPress, shopify, sales funnel or Ecommerce store

Hay can you imagine using Instagram kylie Jenner is the world's youngest billionaire and she had started a startup Ecommerce store called kylie cosmetics. She is getting his major part of revenue from Instagram. 
So why not you? 
You can start a startup on Instagram from now. With absolutely zero dollars. I will explain it in next step so join our any channel. 

Secret tip for content creators

Hay do you know that Instagram is promoting reels and stories to maximum level because the company wants to bit snapchat and tiktok. so do work on it. Post 2 to 4 daily and use different hashtags.

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Secret tip for business owners on Instagram

If I say that I can double or triple your sells but out of that increased sells. You have to invest absolutely zero dollars and out of that generated profit half profit will be mine then. It's beneficial for you and me also. 
So this is the simple concept of profit sharing or affiliate marketing on Instagram. 
You have to just go and find accounts in your niche and dm them this offer 50% creators will say yes to you. You can learn this concept from Google. 

Hay if you find this helpful then send your reaction and share this article with your friends who are content creators or entrepreneur.

Are you going to start your Instagram startup? Tell me in comments.