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how to make money on instagram with clickbank without followers

Hay guys welcome back and today's topic is all about how to make money on instagram with clickbank without followers yes if you have absolutely zero followers then also this article is going to helpful for you.
Do you know that the people especially youngsters are making thousands and thousands of dollars using Instagram and joining clickbank affiliate program.
You may say that how they are making money online and how can I also implement it to make money online? So don't worry I am going to share this secret technique here in just 7 simple steps.

Step 1
Create Instagram business account and Facebook page |
Yes the first step is to create your Instagram account and Facebook page if you have all ready then make sure that you have converted it into business account.

Step 2
Apply and join affiliate program of clickbank |
Now just go and sign up for clickbank affiliate program.

how to make money on instagram with clickbank without followers
Click funnel earning method

Step 3
Find best products to promote |
Find the products with high margin and high rating. If you find the product with recurring commission then it is better it will create passive income for you.

Step 4
Market research on Instagram |
Now go and open Instagram account and find relevant hashtags and accounts on Instagram.

Step 5
Create landing page |
Create your landing page were users will go and fill there details after filling that details user should redirected to clickbank. For that you can use click funnels or any sales funnels. If you don't have money then just go for WordPress.

Step 6
Promote that products |
Yes now the first real step in this business will be bidding on that list of hashtags and accounts. You can  start bidding from just 100$.

Step 7
Wait for magic....

What my experience:-
I had did this same with investing 100$ on relevant hashtags and I got 400$ commotion. Means I got ROI of 4$ on 1 dollars investment. That's great because I am multiplying that money and now I am spending 600$ a week now you can guess and comment me answer how much I am earning per week.
In bonus I am able to increase my high quality emails list.

So that's all. Hope you have now understand if any query then don't hesitate to ask me in comments.
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