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how many followers to make money on instagram ? know exact figures

Well how many followers to make money on Instagram? This question asked by mr. Rohan on our blog. So to give answer to his question we are writing this post.

You are reading this post means probably you want to make money on Instagram.

 So straight answer to this question is it depends on your quality of followers.

 If you grow Instagram organically then you can generate more money than advertising based followers or by any other way.

If you buy followers from third party site then your followers are not going to generate a single dollar.

Now we will see exact number of followers and exact amount of money you will make per month by different, different niche and locations.

We will assuming 100k followers pages of Instagram.
comment and tell me below that how many followers you have on Instagram and how many you wish to be?


Entertainment (funny videos, memes, etc.) =>
No of followers assumed = 100k

Sources of revenue:-
1. Shout out
2. Driving traffic to other sites
3. Affiliate commotion
4. Drop shipping of T-shirt, toys or any other related products.

Area:- European country or American county.
Revenue expected:- 800 to 1000 USD

Area:-  African and Asian
Revenue:- 300 to 500 USD

Category:- beauty products and models or celebrity

No. of followers:- 100k

Sources of revenue :-

  • Selling your own beauty products. 
  • Selling courses 
  • Drop shipping
  • Affiliate marketing. 
  • Shoutouts
  • Sponsored ads. 
  • Etc. 
This is one of my favorite category to make money on Instagram. 

Revenue according to area:-

Europe and America:- 3000 to 10000 USD
Asia and Africa :- 2000 to 8000 USD

Stock market or real estate or financial services pages on Instagram

CATEGORY :- Stock market and finance or real estate. 

No. of followers:- 100k

Revenue sources :- 
  • You can become broker and assist some people out of them. 
If you are going to assist them then you can easily charge them in
European countries:- 50 to 100 dollars per month and if you convert 0.5 % of them then you are going to earn 25,000 to 40,000 USD per month. 
And if you are from Asia or Africa you can charge 10 to 20 USD means you can make 5000 to 10000 USD PER MONTH. 

  • by selling your own digital product(ebook, course, software app membership). 
  • You can get money by signing up your followers to some apps. 
  • Shoutouts
  • Sponsored ads or posts. 
  • Drop shipping
  • Affiliate marketing

Estimated revenue:-

European/us followers:- 15k to 20k USD per month

Asia/Africa followers:- 7k to 12k per month

Category:- other education. 

Followers:- 100k
Asia/Africa:- 2000 to 10000 USD
Us/ Europe:- 5,000 to 20,000 USD

Note :- This earnings are based on real experiences so they can be increased or decreased according to time and trends.

Your earnings on Instagram totally depends on

  • Number of followers. 
  • Quality of followers. 
  • Your category
  • Your frequency of posts
  • Your network with other influencers. 

Bonus tip
Connect YouTube channel and Instagram page with each other and double your earnings and followers

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