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financial planning and analysis jobs here is your

Do you know that 99% people can't make wealth more than one million dollars in there whole life. Only 1% people can cross 1 million dollars doesn't matter what are you doing job/business you will definitely become millionaire.
Decision is yours you want to be in that one percent or live boring ordinary life?

If you want to go in that one percent then you need financial planing and analysis jobs here I will tell you that. So read this post up to end I will tell you how you can save your money by basic financial planning and analysis.

So we will understand this by understanding six jars of financial money this concept is developed by harv eker.

In this method I am not going to tell you about how to increase your income and that all bla... bla... things which can tell you any body on internet or your surroundings.

I will talk today complete about how you can manage your current income and how can you save it after that in second part we will talk about how you can invest that money so you can get maximum return.

Now let's dive into it.

Now we will divide our income into six simple parts. Which will be your first step towards financial freedom.

Assuming that your earning equal to 100%

Part 1
For basic necessities [55%]

Use your 55% of total income for your basic necessities. Don't use this money for your entertainment or for other unnecessary things.
Use this money on things like rent, mortgage. You also have to use this money for your food. You must use this part of money to pay your all monthly bills.

Part 2
Long term savings for spending [10%]

This part of money you will save for rainy days as protection. This money can be used to buy big things. In case of serious health matters you can use this money. So save your long term savings from now.

Part 3
Play part[10%]

You have to use this money for entertainment. You can use this money for playing favourite games or to watch movies in theaters. This part should must used for entertainment. Because it is also important. You can use this money for treating you your family and your friends.

Part 4

Use this money on yourself or on your family also for education. In this you can buy more read books to read. You can buy more courses which. You can learn new skills using that money. You can learn and improve your self. This investment will give you maximum return than any other investment.

Part 5
Financial freedom account[10%]

Use this portion for to become financially free. This portion will work you as your passive income making tool. In this you have to invest money in the businesses or any other things which will give you passive income. Which will help to continue this cycle and lead to increase your wealth.

Part 6

Society provides you many things. Your Nation and our mother earth gives you many things. So you should also give back to society some portion of your amount. Donate this money to orphanage or old age homes or in schools which educates others.

This are the six jars of money management. You can use them and become financially free. With that you will automatically become rich also. Follow this breakdown for next five years you will see the results automatically.

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