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10 financial mistakes that young people makes in their 20's

Every youngster is saying today that I want to become rich. And asking me that how can I become financially free.
But no one is trying to stop making these money mistakes. Today I will tell you 10 mistakes if you repeat them then you will never going to become rich.
Let's take a look

Expensive dates
Yes young students goes on many expensive dates and they couldn't stop themselves from burning their cash on their partner. They just waste money instead of they can investing money into themselves and develop high income skills. I am not saying that you should not go on dates you should go but just limit your dates and expenses so you can save your money as well as time.

Buy cars and other fancy vehicles
I have seen many youngsters that they buy a fancy car or bikes without any necessity. I know they just want to make show off. Impress girls / boys. And it's a huge mistake that buy a car or Fancy bikes and pay car insurance and bike loan. But they didn't know that they are getting into trap of liabilities.

Dining out and non necessary parties
Yes every weekend party is not necessary you can save that money and invest it for your bright future.

Showing off
Again same thing come youngsters buy car on loan or mobile on loan just to impress opposite gender. Don't do that if you do it for show off instead of it buy assets not.

No savings
Literally 99.99% youngsters don't save money in there early age and then after 2-3 years later they face lack of capital. Just don't do it!

No investment on self education
Hay I am not talking about formal education I am talking about self learning. Because formal education teaches you how to become good employ and self learning teaches you how to develop skills and live better life by creating wealth.

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Use of credit card
Do you know that 99 out of 100 credit card users are in regular debts. Don't use debit cards because it's trap and way towards debt. You can use credit card for busing asset if your return on investment is greater than the percentage of credit card's Intrest.
Just because of that I hate credit cards.

Students loan
If you are getting loan without then just take it from only your national Bank only don't take it from third party because they will take you in trouble.

Not starting own business
Yes if you can start your online business without money by just using strategies yous your time and money to build your empire. You can start Dropshipping by using clickfunnel or shopify go for it and start your Dropshipping business. Insted of wasting time on social media.

Tenth point is not about your finances but it's my advice to young people

Build your online digital products or assets it may be YouTube channel or email list or blog like me or any thing Instagram followers and start monetizing it yous this money to invest in yourself and make more assets.

So this was some mistakes which young people do share this article with your young friends and Don't hesitate to ask me anything in comment
So bye bye see you soon...