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How to become digital asset investor and make 100k dollars per month

Do you know that people are making millions and millions of dollars every year by just making a simple digital product or investing in digital assets.
If you want to know how they are doing this and how you can also make millions of dollars then continue reading I will clear all your doubts related to digital assets, products and investment.

What we will learn in this chapter:-

1. What are digital products?
2. What are digital assets?
3. What is digital assets investment and how to become digital asset investor
3. What is the difference between digital liabilities and assets?
4. How to convert digital liabilities into assets.
5. How to build a product which generates 100k dollars per month?
6. Digital assets management
7. Conclusion

So let's move to our first topic

What are digital products? 

Hay any thing you seen on internet is called digital product. Your Facebook account, your Instagram account, your YouTube accounts all are the digital products. Even you are now reading this is also a digital products.
Let's see the some of the popular digital products. 
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Blogs
  • Online or offline games
  • Movies
  • Songs
  • Ebooks
  • Video courses
  • Funnels
  • E-mail subscribers
So there are many digital products in the world. But all digital products are not assets. Some of them may be liabilities so let's see.. 

Digital asset investor
Build your digital empire

What are digital assets? 

Digital assets are the digital products which puts money in your pocket. They are owned by you. And they make profit for you.
Let's suppose that you have an YouTube channel with 100k subscribers then it's your own asset. Because if you monetize it through Any type either it may be affiliate products or with YouTube ads or your own products then it will put money in your pocket.
So hope you have now know what are digital assets.
Now it's time to know

What's digital assets investment and how to do it

 Let me explain this with my success story in investment before a year ago I had purchased a domain name for just 7$ and I had listed it on a octions website for 1$ and without any work and imagine for how much I had sold it? For 1000 USD. Means I had invested 8$ and got 1000 $ that means my phone my profit is 992$ in just one year. 
This investment is multiple times greater than any stock market or real estate investment. So it's power of digital investment.
Now let's see now my another story I built an Instagram channel of 30k followers within just 7 months. It was basically a business based channel and most of the followers was from US and Canada. So imagine for how much money I had sold it? It was 700 USD baby.
Stop not only 700$ but I had did drop shipping also with it. Which made profit of some how around 400 to 450 $. Not just this but 3 times I had given paid shout outs to other channel which made around 50 to 60 $ and the last thing I had fid is I had driven traffic to my blog and collected emails. That's life time costumers value Bebe.
Now let's see the difference between digital assets and liabilities.

Big difference between digital assets and liabilities

Assets vs liabilities
Are you making assets or liabilities? 
Do you know that digital assets and liabilities are not only related to money but they are also related to to your time you have invested on it. Let me explain it with real life example. 
You know that you are spending your time on social media means you are losting your valuable time. That means it's your asset. 

The biggest secrets to increase value of your digital assets is to encourage users to spend more time on your assets

So now I think you now have know difference between digital assets and liabilities. 
It's time to make

Digital product which generates 100k per month

Till the date I had build many digital product which generated tons of money but all things I had learned from neil patel and I found his video on building digital asset so watch it here and ask me doubt related to it. He has explained very well.

Managing your digital assets is also important so you can hire any digital marketing agency.

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Building a digital assets is the simplest investment you can make you can see click funnel the guy called Russell Brownson build it and he is making millions of dollars. So don't think so much and take steps towards building your digital assets.

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