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How to start cleaning business for free in Florida in (250 dollars)

So you want to start cleaning business. Absolutely because of that you are here. For starting your own cleaning business you require some knowledge. Don't worry I am going to tell you all this things from basic to advance because this question how to start cleaning business for free in Florida and all over the world is asked by my friend Jack.

Cleaning business for free in california and in United States
Zero to 1 million journey

What you will know after reading this post part1 and part 2.
1. Basics of this business and things required to start this business.
2. Is it worth to start cleaning start up today?
3. How to start with low capital [ 297$ ]
4. How much money can you make?
5. How to get your first contract?
6. How much you should you charge according to time and experience?
7. Getting more clients and marketing.
8. Jumping towards million dollars per year business?
9. Alex's story, experiences and secrets to success in cleaning business
10. Expanding using digital marketing.
11. Conclusion

Basics of cleaning business:-
As you know food, Clothes and house are the three basic needs of human being. But the most important thing comes to all this is cleaning and hygiene. Because anyone in this world don't want this basic things dirty, so most of people need to clean these things. So there comes your business cleaning.
So we can assume the fifth basic need of human being is hygiene. So whenever there is need there is business and ultimately money.
So that's why cleaning business is the business of all the time it can't be replaced by A.I.
So now if you understand the importance of cleaning next step is to see things you require to start this business.

Equipments you will require
So now we have to look for the equipments which you will require.

  • Glass cleaner
  • Furniture polish
  • Multipurpose cleaner
  • Disinfectant
  • Toilet cleaner
  • Floor cleaning equipments
  • Washingup liquid
  • Kitchen cleaning things
  • Laundry detergent
  • Dishwasher
  • Sanitizer
  • Etc.

Is it worth to start cleaning business today

Yes, it worth to start cleaning business at this time. For that I want to give you 4 main reasons. First reason is that it requires low cost to start you can start this business by taking some money from friends or family if you not have or you can get easily business loans to start this business.

Second reason is that you not require to rent a property at starting. So you don't have to pay for deposit for rental property. So here also your money is going to save.
Third main reason is that you don't have to pay bills of electricity and other things so here also you can save your money.
Fourth reason is that you will get high margins of profit. In this sector you can get upto 90 to 95% percent of profit.
And the final reason as a bonus is that now a days people don't have much more time to for clean that's why scope of this sector is increasing.

How to start cleaning business Today

Ok so now you have know scope, need, basic things and knowledge about the equipments required. Now you can start your business today. At starting you will need some experience so you can practice cleaning your own home and you can also clean your neighbors homes at low prices after getting experience of one to two months you can start your pitching directly to your costumers.
Don't worry at end I am going to tell how to scale this business now for this time understand only this.

How much money you can make in cleaning and hygienic business

Guide to cleaning money

Now let's talk about the main factor of this business and that's money.
In round figure if you get the experience of one year and if you build a high performance team. If you will scale your business digitally then this are figures for you.
Note this earnings can be changed according to countries I am talking about Florida and United States.
If you clean 10 houses or properties a day then your profit at end of year will be 200k to 250k USD.
If.   20/day then 400k to 450k USD
If.   30/day then 600k to 700k USD 
That means if you want to make million dollars a year then you have to handle 38 to 40 clients per day.
And I think it's not tough to handle this number if you have experience and best team.

How to get your first contract

Now it's time to find your first contract. For that you don't have to climb a mountain. You have to just upload information to your social media and boom.... You will get your first client.
If you not able then just go and ask in your area for cleaning for the people who are so busy. Then you will definitely get your first client.

Ok this was some stuff and basics so implement this things and if you find this helpful then share with your partner and team stay tuned and wait for second part....
Till bye.. bye... 
Second part will come soon...


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