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4 amazing Instagram updates coming at the end of 2020

Do you know Instagram and Facebook launches new updates every week? No every update is not important it makes small changes in Instagram or Facebook to give best user experience.But today we are going to discuss some amazing updates which are coming at end of 2020.

Instagram has just announced their reels feature in 2020. It was one of the important update. It was amazing and it became favourite of many content creators and users.

Now it's time to see upcoming updates announced by Instagram coming at the end of 2020 or at the beginning of 2021 . This updates are going to be important for many business owners, ig users and content creators. So pay attention on this features and get ready for amazing experience which you will going to get in future.

Now without wasting time let's start

IGTV ads

Yes Instagram will be interesting 15-sec ads in igtv as a way for creators to monetize their video content. 
IGTV ads will begin with a select group of partners in U. S. With plans to continue expanding globally. 
So this feature will be beneficial for both content creators and business owners. By uploading igtv videos content creators will be able to generate extra income. Business owners can also be able to generate more revenue as igtv ads has more engagement. 

New Facebook shops

It's seems Creasy that shops on Facebook and Instagram but ya it's true that Facebook is going to launch Facebook shops soon. 
Facebook shops will allow business owners to build online stores on Facebook and Instagram. 
Visitors can browse, save, share and even purchase products and services directly in app. 
So this feature is going to be helpful for all business owners. It will help to grow local businesses so this one will be my favorite feature on Facebook and Instagram. 

New Instagram navigation shops

Hay if you are an Instagram user then you will be able to browse selection from your favorite brands and creators. Filter by categories and purchase in app. 
Not to be confused with Facebook shops this will be the new shopping tab in the Instagram navigation bar!

Instagram live badges

This is one of the most important feature going to launch on Instagram for creators. 
The launch of Instagram badges on live creates a new revenue stream for creators and a sense of exclusivity on Instagram. 
Badges purchased during the live video will be stand out in the comments and unlock additional purchase. 

Comment me below that which features you find most useful for you? 

What live purchase is?

Suppose you are creating live video on Instagram then you will be able to show the product of other business owners and if some one buys from your account then you will get some affiliate commotion through it. 


Overall Instagram is trying to make best user experience for that they are continuously updating their platform. But in 2020 they are also encouraging content creators and business owners to get best from their platform. They want to expand fast so they have to create more content. So Instagram is also going to share some revenue with their creators. 

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