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Why entrepreneurship is important

Hay, before start a startup you have to understand the importance of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are the only national assets of any particular country.
why entrepreneurship is important for you and how it can change your life read up to end you will understand.

Before start reading this article I strictly suggest you that take the pen and paper out and take important notes from this article watch full videos from this article it will help you to understand better. Go now and take it serious, because this article can change your life.
Importance of entrepreneurship

Why entrepreneurship is important for you

Entrepreneurship is very important for you because,
 It is the only way which can change your whole life. It can change lifestyle of your family, it has the potential to change the standard of living of your whole country.

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Now, first of all we will look about how it can change your life? so let's go.
"Entrepreneur is the person which solves the problems of other people at a profit and creates a scalable model of business from that solved problem" -Shubham Deshmukh [founder, of]
Is the real meaning. So, what we have to do as a entrepreneur let's take a look.
First of all

  • We have to solve the problem of other people. 
  • For that we have to create the product or service. 
  • Check that market has need or not of your product or service. 
  • Now launch the product as minimal viable product. 
  • Try to sell few pieces in market you will understand it. 
Remember:-(the product  has to be problem solving) 
  • Now it's time to offer the product or service to your targeted costumers. 
Note:- if you are really solving the problem of other people then they will pay you definitely. 
  • Now it's time to make profit. Now the limit of your money making is sky. ☁
REMEMBER:-The only way to ride Lamborghini  and wonder in private plane is entrepreneurship. 
Watch this video to know how entrepreneurship can change your life by ritesh agrawal

The money is not only the target 🎯 of entrepreneurship. The other best things can happen with you are.

Imagine, you will be the CEO of your own company you will not have to work more for others.
Other people will work for your dream, you can do any thing you want with your money and time. You can enjoy your holidays at the beachπŸ–  of Hawaii in your own paint house.

Financial freedom is the main target of entrepreneurship for you. 
You don't have to worry about money any more.
You can donate to society. And give more charity to orphanage and old age homes.

Importance of entrepreneurship to our country

As I said you "entrepreneurs are the core asset of country. " Because entrepreneurs create jobs and decreases unemployment number. Which leads to generate more revenue, to that particular country. Which generates more tax and leads to development of country.

  • Entrepreneurship is always better than job
Entrepreneurship increase average income per person of that particular country. 

Key points 🎯
  • Entrepreneurship boosts economy of country. 
  • Increases income per person. 
  • It helps other businesses to grow and expand fast. 
  • It helps to overcome from problem of unemployment to any country. 
Overall we can say that entrepreneurship helps to development of our country. And improve lifestyle in our country. 

Entrepreneurship as a career

Career in entrepreneurship
Career in startup

Entrepreneurship as a career is the vast field. Let me explain in this topic.
Why you have to choose entrepreneurship as your career? 
If you don't build your dreams then Someone will hire you to build his dreams.

Because, This is the world of internet. First time in human history any one can sell any thing to any body at any place and time.
So this is the best time to choose entrepreneurship as a career.

Think about the time of your father and grandfather they never have opportunity to sell any thing easily out of their town and opposite to that the person from USA can sell any thing to person in India. Without living his chair on his computer.
So conclusion to this is that this is the best time to choose entrepreneurship as a career.

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How to start a startup which will convert into a billion dollars company

Look, starting a startup and converting it into billion dollars company is not easy like cooking. You have to work hard as well as smart. 
I know it's hard but it's not but not impossible. Here's I am going to share a method by which using it you can convert your idea into a small startup and then you can grow it to the billion dollars huge company so stick with me. 
Hay do you know that this method is used by all the big startups of this time. It is used by jeff Bezos, elon musk, mark Zuckerberg, as well as ritesh agrawal. 
I will tell you how they find this method, how they had examined it and implemented. 

I am going to share this method in one sentence with you

your startup success All ways depends on how big problem you solve and how profitable you can make it
Now you can see the similarities between Facebook, Amazon, tesla, spacex, OYO, WhatsApp.
They all are started in a garage and college hostels but they all are now billion dollars company's.
The reason behind their success as a multi billion dollars startup, is that they all had solved the biggest problems at their time.

  • Facebook and WhatsApp solved the problem of connectivity and conversations respectively. 
  • Amazon solved the problem of sellers to sell anything they want to sell all over the world. And as well the problem of costumers to buy the things from all over the world. 
  • Tesla is now solving the problem of pollution by their electric cars
  • Spacex is trying to solve problem to go for tour in the space or moon 
That's why they are becoming not only multi billion dollars company but a trillion dollars company. 

Now it's your turn to find out the biggest problem of this time, andd solve it profitably. 
So this was the first step. 

Now second step is you need to build a team and you have to lead it. 

How to build high performance team

High performance team
How to build high performance team❓

Now you can have a question in you mind that how can I build a productive team don't worry I will tell you that how to build productive team.
Now think about your startup category I assume that your startup is in the field of technology for example which builds digital products and sells them.

So team members (components) in your team you need are.

  • Programmers
  • Sellers
  • Marketer
  • Manager
  • Lawyer
Now first of all you have to find a best programmer which will build digital products for your startup you can acquire him by giving some share in your startup. Or if you have money then you can hire a freelancer or full time programmer πŸ‘¨πŸ»‍πŸ’» for it. 

Second after building that product you have to sell them. In my case it is digital product that's why I can hire a affiliate marketer, by placing it on click bank or share a sale. Or I can sell it by sellers. 

Third you need marketer which will manage your marketing strategies. In my case I will run digital ads by platforms like Google, Facebook. By hiring it I can save my millions of dollars on advertising. 

Now to manage all your team you need to hire a manager which will save your valuable time. 

Now last member is you need to heir a lawyer which will save you from legal and illegal work or he will save your valuable time of government paper work

Note:- To build a high performance team you not have to look only education of members but their skills also.

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Role of CEO

Now you have problem solving product and high performing team means your startup is going to succeed chances are 70%. You are now ready to start your startup. Now the role of CEO (you) is to lead that team.
Don't become their boss be leader. Because you have to guide your team and lead them. You don't have to give order to them.
Guide your team as a family, give them reason to work hard for you, so they will become more productive.
Tell me in comment box that you need the article on team work and leadership I will write it for you. 

You can increase 10 to 20 percent chances more by reading this article and start your entrepreneurship journey with sure success chances. 
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