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What is entrepreneurship? The real truth you have to know

So finally you have decided to know about the real truth of entrepreneurship. I am here to tell you. Stick up to end. Let's start the diagnosis of entrepreneurship 😅.
Before start reading watch this video by neil patel which tells you things you have to do before becoming an entrepreneur

            What is entrepreneurship had you asked your self before reading this article❓Think about it. And comment below your answer or you can also talk with me by clicking that green logo.

                      Before start reading this article ask yourself another question.
           Am I really an entrepreneur? or I am just burning🔥 my valueable time and money.

What is entrepreneurship? Real truth you have to know

Definition of entrepreneurship

    Before being an entrepreneur you must have to understand meaning of entrepreneurship. It is simply
The profession of Setting up a business which solves problems of other people with scale ability is called as entrepreneurship.
Now you can think about your idea 💡 is it really problem solving or not comment your answer below "yes or no".

Are you real entrepreneur or burning your valuable time or money

Burning time and money

         You have know about entrepreneurship and you are looking for am I real entrepreneur means, you are really passionate about entrepreneurship, so best of luck for your future journey. 
So now, I am going to tell you that you are on the right way or just burning your valuable time and money. First of all you have to answer me three basic questions in comment or at chat button. 
  1. Is your service or product problem solving or not? 
  2. answerYes no
  3. Is market really need your products or service? 
  4. answerYes no
  5. Is your product profit making? 
    answerYes no

 Now if all the answers of the above questions are in yes form then you are on the right path.    If not then you are burning your value able time.

 It is Very important that product have to be problem solving. If it is not then you can't run your startup in long run and it couldn't be  profit making business.
Don't go scared talk with me in chat or in comment I will tell you how to create problem solving product.
the real entrepreneur solves problems of other people at profit

Entrepreneurs must have to develop the skills to remain in competition if you not develop this skills then you are in danger ❌ so read and learn about this skills and become successful entrepreneur.

Skills for entrepreneurship needs

Skills for entrepreneurship needs

Every work you do needs some skills, but entrepreneurship is the field in which you must have to develop some skills before starting a startup or any kind of work. 
Today we will discuss some skills for entrepreneurship needs. 

So first important skill you need is, 


Leadership is the must and required skill for entrepreneurship. You must have to develop this skill. 
Human capital is company's greatest asset and to increase the value of this asset you must have to be greatest leader - warren Buffett

Ten qualities of great leader. 

  • Honesty and integrity. 
The best quality of leadership is unquestionably integrity
  • Confidence. 
If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.
  • Inspire others. 
A good leader takes little more than his share of the blame and little less than his share of the credit. 
  • Comment and passion. 
When your teammates see you getting your hands dirty, they will also give their best shot
  • Accountability. 
A good leader takes little more than his share of the blame and little less than his share of the credit.
  • Emotional intelligence. 
        1   Manage emotions effectively. 
        2   Better social awareness. 
        3   Seamless communications. 
        4   Conflict Resolution. 
  • Humility. 
Pride makes us artificial and humanity makes us real. 
  • Transparency. 
Is the key to be successful leadership. 
  • Vision and purpose. 
Vision and purpose of you and your employees must be same to become more productive. 
  • Innovation. 
Innovation distinguish a leader from follower
Leadership is an influence of personal power that creates progressively advancing community towards purpose

Three books you should read on leadership are

Leaders are Leaders
1:-  the 7 habits of highly effective people.
2:-  the coaching habit.
3:-  Dare to lead.

Team work

If you think that you will alone run a startup or company then you are wrong, the harsh truth is that you have to build a team to run successful startup.
Coming together is the beginning

Public speaking

Without public speaking all the things are zero because you have to talk with your costumer every day. You have to talk with your costumers every day. You have to talk with investors. 
If you want to convert your startup into a multi million dollars company or a billion dollars company then you need the skill public speaking.



Without sales your startup revenue is absolutely nothing. Sales is the most powerful skill on this earth. 
     Your all expenses 
  • Salary 
  • Rent
  • Light bill
  • Internet bill
  • Manufacturing cost
  • Etc
Are on one side and the one thing balances this all expenses is on another side. Plus it gives profit to your startup. 
Remember without sales no one is going to invest in your startup

Programming and coding

Team work for entrepreneurship

This is the age of Internet, you need to use internet for expanding your business. And learning Programming and coding you can do it. 
Remember you have to use social media platforms and some things like affiliate marketing. 
For this skill you can hire a coder or programmer after expanding. 

Problem solving skills

On this topic of problem solving we have talked before this skill will develop automatically within you as time passes. So don't worry about it. Just look at your everyday design. 

Reading and learning new skills

Reading and learning new things is the most important and widely seen skill and hobby between the entrepreneurs. Warren Buffett reads about 5 to 6 hours each day bout 500 pages each day. 
Still if you can't do that then read at least 20 pages a day and learn some new things. 

Hay, now you have learned about what is entrepreneur? What skills required to be successful. 
Now it's time to learn about

How to be a successful entrepreneur

Successful entrepreneurs

The common question you have now is how to be a successful entrepreneur and How I can? 
Remember your success and your Startup's success always depends on how big and important problem you have solved. 

Remember several years ago

  • Jeff Bezos solved the biggest problem in the world that is he helped many stores to go online using his startup, and sell them globally. He helped costumers to get things from all over the world so he become worlds richest person and Amazon become worlds successful startup. 

  • Bill gates changed computer via microsoft that's why he also. 

  • Warren Buffet solved problem of investment and invested in companies which are problem solving. 

  • And next is you you will be solve worlds one of the biggest problem and you will become successful. 
Finally you know the pros and cons of entrepreneurship. Now it's time to know about startup. 

How to start a startup with no money

Now, it's time to start your own startup. I will tell you how you can launch your own startup without zero money and my journey to convert my startup into a multi million dollar company. 

Read my friend's journey how he started startup from zero rupee in his words. 


First of all we will start with my journey
My father was one of the poor farmer in India. So thats why to start a startup I didn't had money. 
So I started my journey by blogging. 

Now I will tell you that how I become zero to hero. 

The journey starts in 2016 I first time hear the word entrepreneur. 

I find an idea but it required 2k dollars to implement.  I didn't had money that's why I decided to make that 2k $ from zero. 

I worked to get 10$ for two days in farm. 

From 10$ I had buy my first domain name of 7$
 I didn't had money that's why I decided to make that 2k $ from zero. 
For that I started my blog and made 2k$ by affiliate marketing. 

And after that I stopped blogging and started my startup. 

And it's now 2M $ net worth startup. 

So it was his story now it's your turn.

Now we will talk about

 how to start a startup in six stape by researching your idea.

Step 1


Now think about the powerful idea you can Applying some simple conditions. 
  • The idea should be new on this earth so the competition will be zero. 
  • The idea should be creasy. I know all of us can't think like elon musk but we can think at least 10% like him. 
  • The idea should be problem solving. 
  • The idea should be scale able. So it will not get saturated. 
Now think idea tell me about it in comment or in private so I will tell it's pro's and cons. 

Now if you thinking about idea it's time to think about

Step 2

Passion and hard work

Without passion you can't stick to that startup. 
For long time. You can't do hard work and smart work. So passion is important. 
Now if you are passionate about your idea. Then it's time to 

Step 3

Identify risk factors

How can you identify risk factors in your idea? It's very simple. We will look it in few steps. 
  • Open google. 
  • Type your keyword of idea . 
  • Find your Compitator. 
  • If they are huge like Amazon and Walmart it's hard to survive. 
Now you know how your Compitator is strong or not. If it is strong then it's risk factors. 
Now you know your competition, you can now 

Step 4

Start research about product or service

Now go and meet your friends, relatives and ask them for your products or service and tell them how can it help them if they said "it is best, it can solve my problem. " 
Then you are on right path
Note:- if you can't tell them then tell me I will help you. 
Now after research you can now eligible to create

Step 5

minimum viable product

Minimum viable product is the best strategy to know about your product or service practically. 
Minimum viable product means creating your product's small amount stock like (100-200) copies. 
By selling them you can know how is the response to your product by market. 
This strategies are used by many entrepreneurs like Kylie Jenner and ritesh agrawal. 
So you can also use this without loss. 
Now If you got positive response from market get ready to


Launch your product

Hay now you are ready to launch your product if you would follow this stapes then there are 90% chances to be Startup will succeed. 
To launch product I strictly suggest you that you should build a high performance team to be successful. 

Don't wait for right time it's always right time to launch your startup and to become successful entrepreneur.
Now you know the pro's and cons about entrepreneurship you are ready to become entrepreneur. 


Entrepreneurship is the process of converting your passion into profit. Do hard work make one step towards success. 

Best of luck for your journey. 
Tell me in comment section when you are going to launch your first startup. 

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Shubham Deshmukh
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Last updated,:- 3 Aug. 2020


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